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Executive Search Research Services

Acting as an extension to your firm or department we can perform the following recruit research tests either in a comprehensive offering or in an unbundled manner:

Opportunity Profile

We can assist and write up position profiles that will attract the attention of top talent. We have been complemented by well known search consultants that the quality of our briefings/profiles exceed industry standards.

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The development of a strategic target list of organizations will most likely yield high caliber candidates

Name Generation

The identification of key individuals or the development of organizational charts for your target companies

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We can directly approach individuals with a high degree of tact, professionalism, and diplomacy, developing interest in your clients opportunity and screening for desired qualifications.

Candidate Profiling

Developed through telephone interviews and video conferencing sessions

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Utilizing a 360 reference checking process, we can check references and write reports for your shortlisted candidates

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  • Target List Research
  • Name Generation
  • Organizational Mapping
  • Candidate Sourcing & Development

Providing: International executive research to retained executive search and recruitment firms.

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Our executive research consultants provide services throughout:

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